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Gas pedal getting stuck

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Hey guys my is300 was in pwr mode and the accelerator got stuck down to the floor. Was this a hiccup with the sport mode or is there something wrong with the pedal? I’ve had the car for two months and never experienced it before…..
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Not normal. Please double check you’re not running multiple floor mats. When I worked at the dealer this happened all the time with this complaint.
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I think them plastic floor mat made it get stuck, I removed it…..
Beat me to it. Floor mats. I have weather proof Lexus mats in addition to the carpet mat. Gets stuck all the time if I don’t make sure to pull the rubber mat back towards to seat.
This is why we only run oem floor mats. The OEM ones have hooks to prevent this. Only run 1-floor mat that is properly secured.
Hey guys my is300 is having an intermittent problem with the accelerator.

When I floor the car it sometimes gets out of control and revs the engine to 7k rpm’s. Does anybody know what causes this?

Might bring to mechanic this week to get looked at.
So I guess the floor mat wasn't the issue? When you say it's stuck, do you mean you feel physical resistance in the pedal? Or is the engine more just revving on its own.
Clean throttle body well. Also make sure your cable is moving freely.
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