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I have a black IS and was filling up at the gas station the other day, some gas trickled down the side of the car. I wiped it off with a paper towel and got the car washed.

It looks though that the gas did something funny to the paint coz when the car is spanky clean that area looks a bit discolored!!!!

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The following is from the web page of Griots Garage:

Paint Saving FuelGuard!
Perhaps you've noticed, fuel nozzles are designed to drip gasoline
down the side of your car and chip your paint. Unless you're
"Quick Draw" McGraw, gas is going to drip on your nice waxed
surface. Not a good thing. With the flap out, gasoline and diesel
fuel sheet right off the FuelGuard onto the ground, not on your
car. Made of soft rubber that rolls up for easy storage. Also
protects against accidental hits on your paint. No adhesive,
screws, tools or drilling needed.

Check link below for more information:
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