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6 gallons of premium-$20
2 Monster energy drinks-$3
Large Steak Fanatic pizza(mackin)-$4(employee discount :bigSmile: )
Breaking off a buddy and 3 suckers a view of the back side of an is300 W/ a domino's top on-Priceless

02 ggp M/T bone stock
Great day at "work"...

my old manager at domino's called me up and asked me to deliver for
him cuz 2 drivers called in sick. so im cruising around town delvering pizzas and get into a couple races...

Race 1- see my buddy in his 01 auto v6 mustang, he pulls up and starts instigating but i dont want to race with a domino's car top on...but i give in and we pull up to a light and i pulled from the start and kept pulling from there and we shut down at about 80.

Race 2- civic with e/h/i. I've seen this guy around town and he's always spinning his tires and racing comes on my face and i figure i'd break him off a little and put him in his place. I pull up to him and pace him we look at each other and i start couting down with my fingers and at 2 he guns it, im caught off guard and he pulls about half a car length, i downshift and start reeling him in, i pass him and pull a car length and a half and at about 2 car lengths i shut down. he blows by me and gives me the finger but what he didnt see was another car slowing down and he locks up his wheels and come to a skidding halt...i fly by laughing.

Race 3- Ford Focus ZX3- This guy rolls up to me with his g/f in the passenger seat. he looks over at me, says something to his g/f and starts eyeball fucking me. its a Focus so i don't really want to give it the time of day plus i already had a couple of races already. he takes off and i dont actually try to race him i jsut pace him to show him i can keep up and then i let off. we pull up to another light and he does the same thing except this time he's laughing at me. i guess he thought i was really trying or something. so i say "screw it" and i take off on him and smoke him, i have about 3 and a half car lenghts on him by 4th gear, i shut down and roll to a stop at the light. he's coming up behind me at the light going at about 20 or 25 and im completely stopped. light turns green and he guns it again, I'm feeling a little frisky now so i take off after him and reel him in and have about 2 car lengths on him by the time i shutdown in 4th.

Race 4-2002(?) Audi A4 auto- im sitting at a light kinda daydreaming. 2 guys roll up and again im eyeball fucked the shit out of, im thinking its the domino's sign. so the lgiht turns green and i take him off the start with a pretty good launch for still having my CDD. im thinking maybe he'll start reeling me in once his turbo starts spooling and what not, but i keep pulling him and i walked him about 2 car lengths and he shuts down before i do and i do so shortly. next intersection...motorcycle pig under a tree with a radar...lucky :).

All in all it was a good day, made about 70 bucks in tips,a full tank of gas after work for helping out my old manager and all the pizza i could eat.
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