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Originally posted by Voltman:
Is it true the IS300 only gets around 23 highway mpg?

The gas tank holds 17.5 US Gallons. Premium gasoline only.

I've been averaging around 330 - 345 miles per tank of gas, with an even amount of city driving and interstate driving. I recently filled my car and was able to fill up my gas tank with 17 US gallons of premium gasoline.

345 miles / 17 Gallons = 20.2 MPG

But then again, I knew what I was getting myself into. If I was worred about gas mileage, I would have bought an ecomony car such as the Toyota Echo or Honda Insight.

Will Cover

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I used to get 16MPG. Now, after installing SRT HFI, I average 18-22 City/Highway driving.
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