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hey guys, i had a post somewhere about my kit for sale, and i haven't had too many responces. so, i'm going to maybe trade it for some stuff. i have a full C-West kit. its a perfect fitnment, so, all you need to do is get it painted, and put on. but, i'm wanting to trade my Front Bumper, Rear Bumper, Side skirts, AND a custom cut Altezza grill. its been blacked out, and looks really good. so, here is what i'm lookin for:
*Greddy EVO II or used. if used, low miles.
*Turboeast, or Toyomoto Racing Header WITH Y-pipe
*SRT intake WITH ECU.
now...i know you think i want all of it. yea, but, not askin for all of it. i'll take any of these along with a little money. the kit is worth $735. now, if i can get the Greddy exhaust new, i'll take that, along with $150. if its the Racing header new, i'll take it and $100. and, for the SRT intake with ECU, i'll take it along with $100. if you guys have ANY offers, let me know. i'm VERY flexable with, let me know if any of you have this kinda stuff.
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