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I haven't been on here for a while, and I didn't really touch my car for a few years after divorce. I'm looking at getting back at it again now though, and want to change my V160 out. With the torque I had in my setup before, I never really used 1st gear so looking to get something with taller gears.

If there is someone here interested in the package, let me know. Thinking $6500USD for all - (*****see my comments on transmission below though which is only reason I'm selling for less than price of the now unicorn transmission)

Literally everything, including the transmission has 3000-5000 miles on it.

V160 Transmission - twas supposed to be a brand new unit when I picked it up off of someone off this board. I drove the US to grab it, came even with new Toyota box and plastic. Buutt... someone clearly had it installed in a car. When I got it home I noticed that the rear mount was crushed (figure someone tried it without adjusting clearances), and the rear tailshaft itself had threads chewed up (they used wrong nuts perhaps?)? Had replaced that with brand new Toyota tailshaft piece. It seemed to shift well last I drove, fluid still clear, etc. but the bad part is that ever since I installed it, it sounded like maybe input shaft bearing makes noise (on decel in 5th gear sounds gross, etc..). There are no decent transmission shops anywhere close to me, or would have just had it repaired. Plus, if I'm going to spend even more cash, I might as well go with option for taller gears.
SRT - shifter extension
SRT - IS300 V160 swap mount
New Shifter Rod
TRD V160 transmission bushing
V160 Clutch slave cylinder
OS Giken Triple plate clutch

Can include the Sequoia driveshaft I was using if shipping is worth it for you.

I'll post up some pics in next day or two, or you can preuse my build thread.

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