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Hey guys,
I have decided to go a different route with my gauge set-up. Changing to the Defi-Link set-up :p Anyway, I have one BRAND NEW TBKO gauge pod. It is still in the box from TBKO. It is the "revised" version that is molded to the dash piece. Below is a pic of the old one, as the new one is still in the box :wink: The only difference is no rivets. Looks so clean. I also have 3 BRAND NEW GReddy gauges. They are 52mm and are black faced. I have Boost, EGT, and Fuel Pressure. Below are my prices and contact information.

TBKO Gauge Pod: $100 w/ trade of stock lint tray piece.
GReddy Gauges: Boost $135
EGT $135
Fuel Pressure $135
*Will take $325 for all three.
All prices include shipping.

Cell: (256)996-2028
Paypal: [email protected]

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