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Well, ive posted a couple things already on here so u all should know im moving to Vegas in 2weeks so im trying to get ride of everything. I know its not really IS reated but u can buy an IS body and slapp it on this bad boy.

heres what i got:

-Tamiya 1/10th Radio Control 4wd car. (its electric so its perfect for indoor car shows)(great condition)(retail-$150)
-Dynamite Mega 2 ac/dc quick 15min charge (can hook up to ur car battery to charge too)(its in good condition except the volts meter cover is missing and needle is bent, but it doesnt effect the charging)(retail-$41.99)
-One Dynamite 10min Battery (retail $19.99)
-a Futaba Magnum Digital Proportinal R/C system (2channel/75mhz)(great condition)(retail-$78.99)
-Blue Subaru Imprezza Cover 190mm (retail-$19.99)
-Baby Blue Toyota Celica Cover 200mm (retail $19.99)
-an extra part of Rims (brand new)

If you want an IS300 body, HPI sell them for about 20 dollars. My car can use both 190 and 200mm bodies.

Im asking for only $150 or OBO or ill TRADE for some parts

ill post some pic when i get a chance

Oh i also have some stock springs ill sell for $30.

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i might be interested in this car possible trade check my post for stuff i have for sale....

i want to make a little IS300 like my car...... :p

let mek now if you see anything of interest in my post bro....

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