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I did read the rules for posting something for sale on the forum. I took these pictures a week ago and wasnt able to throw my user name in the pictures. I can update a picture with that if I need to!

I have a full set of Lexus 3is wheels. They came off the 2015-2018 is200/250/300. They’re known as the LFA style wheels.

This is the first and only set Ive ever seen in chrome. Ive only seen them come in dark grey. I honestly dont think youll ever see another set in chrome.

5x114.3 / 5x4.5
Fronts are 18x8 +45
Rears are 18x8.5 +50

Does come with tpms sensors!

3 of the wheels have a little bit of curb rash (pictured) Chrome is in good condition though. I will include a full set of factory lugs with factory lock lugs.

FRONTS NO LONGER HAVE TIRES ON THEM. The rears have 225/40 and could probably be flipped because the guy before me had a horrible alignment. Reason why the fronts have no tires is below.

I got these awhile ago and have been holding onto them for a long time since I have never seen any other set, but I need to make space. Never even ran them on my car because of the tire situation. Just threw them on my car to take pictures and show how good they look on the first gen is. The previous owner ran 2 different tire sizes but the shop he took them to mounted them wrong. The shop put 2 - 225/40s on one of each of the fronts and rears. Then did the same for 2 - 215/35. Instead of putting the 215s up front and the 225s in the rear. The 2 smaller tires were bad anyways which is why I removed them, then just took the 2 matching tires sizes and put them on the rear. Hence the 225/40 still on the rear. If you threw another pair of 225/40s on the front it would be a pretty good daily and/or winter set up.

I am located in Portland OR area.

I am asking $600 since the fronts have no tires. Firm on that price as Ive seen dark grey sets sell for well over $800

I would offer shipping with no tires if I got a good enough offer.

My car is Thundercloud Metallic for reference of chrome wheels on this color.

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