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ITEM: S-MAX CO2 internal cooling intercooler core Part# INT24-10-4BC ( retails $999.00 + shipping )
PRICE: $700.00 firm .
SHIPPING: Yes , $35.00 UPS ground .
DESCRIPTION: Wassup fellas , I got this core for sale . It was mounted on my car for fitment and ran for about 5 minutes by my tuner and he feels that I might need a slightly larger core for the horsepower goal that I am aiming for . So the intercooler is still in pristine condition . I also attached pictures of the same core installed on a friends car and he used his turboxs piping . Measurement specs on the core is 24x10x4 with 3" inlets . It's a real simple concept .... it has an internal cooling coil that you would connect it to CO2 or water or whatever you like .


NAME: Billy Hoang
LOCATION: Jersey City , NJ 07304
EMAIL: [email protected]
AIM: limmeseesuttin
CELL #: 201-889-1873
PAYMENT OPTIONS: Paypal , Cash , Money order

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How about some actual pictures? Hate to see anymore members getting scammed, not saying you would.
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