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I sold the IS a while back and don't need this level of cleaning product for my current cars so I'm trying to get rid of it... this would be a great starter kit to see if you like Zaino products. Cost me well over $100.

$25 for everything.. will not piece it out. Buyer pays shipping.

Show Car Wash concentrate - 1/5th bottle
- @ 2-3 capfulls per gallon of water I'd say you have at least 6 washes left in the bottle.

Z5 - World's Best Car Polish - nearly full bottle

Z3 - Show Car Polish for Regular Paint Finishes - just under 1/2 bottle

Z6 - Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer - 1/2 bottle, but this stuff is designed to be cut with water.

Z9 - Leather Soft Spray Cleaner - 1/2 bottle

Z10 - Leather in a Bottle Treatement and Conditioner - 1/2 bottle

PM to purchase, or with any questions.
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