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I recently got new rims on my car and have nooo room for these wheels so I have to get them sold. These wheels are practically BRAND NEW, they were bought brand new from Lexus about 4 months ago and have had very little driving on them. Only one wheel has the SLIGHTEST curb rash, guaranteed barely even noticeable. The chrome is in fantastic condition as you can see by the pictures I just took, no flaking or fading, shines like hell. I put the tires I had on before on my old rims, so the tires currently mounted on the rims don't have THAT much life left in them. I couldn't wager a guess on the tread percentage, but you could get a couple months out of them. One tire has a small screw in it and loses pressure but this is VERY easily fixable becuase its nowhere near the sidewalls. I don't have centercaps but these could obviously be had for very cheap on ebay or from lexus. Right now, I'm looking only for a SoCal pickup (im in orange county) I do have boxes for the wheels, but I don't want to go through the hassle of shipping right now. I'm looking for $400 picked up.





Tire Size (215/45/17)

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