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Contact Info:
AIM - AlleyKats2k <-- always online
email - [email protected]
Phone - (832)880-2835
Located in Houston,TX

$1,800 local or add $200 shipping + 3% paypal fee
I will only sell within US and paypal verified,No exceptions

True 3 piece wheels
18x8 front +49
18x9.5 rear +55
225-40-18 Bridestone Potenza RE050 atleast 85% tread left
245-40-18 Dunlop SP Sport 01 atleast 85% tread left
Also includes center caps,hub centric rings & will come with SSR wheel stickers put on.

Alright guys I decided to sell my wheels to get something more aggressive for the Lex.These were originally for my s2000 but I was gonna use them on the is300 since they share high offsets.Right now the wheels are getting the lips redone & polished since they had some small rash.So they will be in 100% shape for the new owner.

Tires alone are almost $900 without shipping.Feel free to check tirerack to confirm.The Dunlops are $516 for a pair and the Potenzas are $368 a pair.

Here are some pics to hold you guys off until this weekend when I get the wheels back.As you can see the tires have VERY good tread and no camber wear at all.

The wheels:

Front tires:

Rear tires:

Tread deepness:

And dont forget they will look even better after I put on the SSR stickers im getting made.They will look like this:

I know many people might not know me on here since im pretty new.But I can provide many vouches on 2 other sites im on.That is the s2000 forum and the local car import forum here in Houston.My trader rating there is currently 35 positives,no negatives at all.I will post the links as soon as I make sure its ok with since before they told me I couldnt link to other sites in my signature.

Anyone from other sites that knows me please post on here.Im a very honest seller.Reason for selling these is I tend to switch wheels and parts a lot.Sometimes before I even get them mounted.If you have any questions feel free to call me on my cell or PM me.

-Alex :)
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