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have not been on the site for awhile but i'm helping sell this for a friend (who is trading his is300 in for a is250), details below;

3 rims ($775) shipping included

*originally bought from tirerack

front 225/18/40
rears 255/18/35

*correctly sized for no rubbing or spedo problems

one rim had a major dent/bend so he did not want to sell anything damaged. about 15,000 miles driven on them. sorry no pics, he does not have a cam nor do i.

i sold mine a year and a half ago under similar conditions, if someone is interested just check out the or various rim websites and you can now find a 18 rim. Thats what everyone who bidded for my rims did and said they were able to find one. These rims are rare/discontinued so you won't find it at tirerack.

forms of payment check, money order, and/or paypal

you can pm me if you have any questions for him as i will pass any other specific inquires onto him.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts