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Up for sale is my 2004 OEM fog lights with 3000k H3 HID bulbs, ballast not included, since im using it for my current fog lights. i can provide ballast for an extra $50. The plastic cover on the back of the fog lights had to be modified to run the wires in the middle. a small hole was made but it is covered snugly with a rubber grommet from the HID wiring, water does NOT go through the rubber grommet.... everything is in working condition. the HID bulbs are BANBO brand, and the ballast is also BANBO brand, if you choose to pay extra $50.

heres some pics to further explain...

the rubber grommet sits snugly in the middle of the plastic cover.

here's what the 3000k HID looks like in the day. (bad quality pic, sidekick camera)

at night. (again... bad quality pic, sidekick camera)

im selling this because i have no use for it anymore, i recently just switched to sport-x bumper, and it uses a different fog lights.

foglights with HID bulbs for $230 OBO shipped!
foglights with HID bulbs and ballast for $280 OBO shipped!

i mentioned "OBO" for a reason...

PM me or IM me for any questions....
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