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Freakin Mornonic NJ Gas Attendants

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Sorry to vent but I used to think Jersey was cool cause they pump yer gas for you as opposed to other states (NY/CT).

So I pull up to Sunoco in my 1 week old IS and ask him to fill it up super. It was busy there and the guy flipped up the gas lever and basically tried putting the pump into the tank without looking...

well...the idiot misses the gas tank...hits the side of the car...and manages to spill gas across the whole back quarter panel and wheel.

So of course I get out..fuming...and demand he clean it up...all he does is get me some paper towels and yells at me for yelling at apologies..nuttin. Thank goodness there was no scratches...probably just stripped all the clear coat off....*sigh*
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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