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i was just at my local motorsport shop asking for those blue tint DRL/highbeam bulbs. the boss told me better watch out those cheap bulbs cause after some certain time... the bulbs will have bubbles then it will EXPLODE!!!...
just let you to know this is danger... if it ever explode then you gotta change the whole headlight set...
has anyone changed their DRL light bulbs yet?
i was looking at Hiper brand but... humm i guess i will get some PIAA instead...

hope this does help...

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I can say that I've seen bulbs explode in some other cars. They were the 12 dollar ones. I'd just stick with PIAA, Raybrig, Polarg.

I don't think that you need to replace the headlight casing. I think you just need to suck the pieces out. That's what we did when my friend's bulb exploded. He didn't have a lexus though...cavalier.
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