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Price: $800 + shipping + PayPal fee


I removed these from my car when I sold it, so it's time to pass these onto the next person.

These headlights started life as a basic aftermarket chrome replacement set from Ebay. I then opened them up in the oven and took them all apart. The chrome bezels were carefully taped off (took two hours lol) to mask off the rings around the low and high beams, and the rest was painted in flat black (perfect match for tire color or carbon fiber). Then chrome "BIXENON" decals were applied to the painted section one letter at a time.

The low beam reflector bowl was then customized (cut up) to fit G5-R bixenon projectors. These projectors provide high and low beam at once, with a very crisp wide output with a sharp colorful cutoff.

Once the projectors were carefully fitted and aligned for perfect vertical, horizontal and rotational aim (the stock rotation adjustment screws work perfectly, and the autolevelling works), the special-order discontinued Panamera shrouds were clipped and glued into place with black RTV. These shrouds include white LEDs, which are bright enough to be daytime visible for a DRL. These are NOT the switchback version, but instead, have wiring so that they can be used both day and night, with the brighter white LEDs for the day and the dimming option for night so that everyone isn't blinded.

The projectors are powered by genuine OEM Denso ballasts (mounted inside under the head lights), which are included, as well as genuine Osram Cool Blue Intense (CBI) D2S bulbs, rated at 5,000k for a pure white output. These bulbs were the first of their kind, providing an increase in brightness AND color temperature over stock, without any funny tricks. The bulbs even came stock on certain vehicles. The bulbs are included and have relatively little use, considering I didn't drive much in the dark.

The separate high beams are also special, as they include customized HIR 9011 bulbs from Toshiba that are discontinued. These are the original Toshiba true HIR 9011 versions, not the more modern replacements which do not utilize HIR technology (but are just a regular bulb on an 9011 base). In English, these bulbs are halogens on steroids. They are slightly whiter, but significantly brighter. Without the complications of HID or LED, and retaining the wonderful CRI rendering of halogen. The bulbs have seen only occasional use, as I don't drive in the dark much, and then rarely get to use the high beams since there is always traffic around.

Moving over to the turn signals, I decided to also include my powerhouse LED setup from V-LEDs utilizing four Triton V3 switchback systems. Everything is included for you to duplicate my custom setup, which includes an incredibly bright amber turn signal that is visible from all angles front and side, as well as the super bright modern look of the 6,000k white LED DRL. The white LEDs will have to be hooked up to your own power source (I used a dashboard switch off ACC power) and then there is a dimming wire for nighttime use, just like on the Panamera shrouds. I wired both dimming functions to the low beams, so they could be turned on at my own choice, but automatically dimming at night with the HIDs. The amber LEDs will plug straight in to the stock sockets.

Included is all the wiring needed for a plug-and-play system, a straight transfer from my car to yours. The only exception is the wire going from the HID low beam ballasts to the car's wire harness. That takes a special connector, and I didn't have two extras, so I had to keep those for use on my old stock head lights. However, I have still included wires to go from the Denso ballasts (included inside) to a basic 9005/9006 connection, which you can wire up manually, or change the connector (I am including one extra), or simply swap the wires like I did.

There is a splitter harness for the high beams, so that you can simply plug in your stock high beam wire harness to the splitter, which will then power up both the HIR high beam bulbs and the HID bi-xenon solenoid shutter together.

The Panamera shroud LED wiring has been fed out the back, and I wired 194 bases so that you can simply plug these in in place of the city lights. The stock city light holes are plugged with extra bare/empty sockets, as they would only illuminate behind the shrouds and be useless. The Panamera shroud LEDs replace the city light, plug and play. However, there is an extra wire that should be wired to the low beams so that the LEDs dim down at night, as mentioned before.

The V-LED V3 Triton switchback system is all included with all the wiring and controllers, ready to go. As mentioned, these will be plug-and-play with the stock turn signal sockets, and then the extra wires for the white LED (full power and dimmed power) will need to be run somewhere if you want that.

All wiring is labeled for your convenience.

As a final modification, the lower mounting bolt has been removed from the back of the head lights, so that they can fit on either USDM or JDM fenders. I've used several sets of JDM fenders and head lights with this mod, and have never had any issues. The head lights stay secure and strong, even on 14/12 rate coilovers (see one of the pics for the cut off bolts).

These head lights were originally built in October 2016, and then redone in October 2017 with a projector replacement / upgrade from Morimoto D2S 4.0 to the current G5-R projectors. The lenses aren't in perfect shape anymore. While they are still perfectly clear (zero yellowing/clouding), there are some minor pits from daily driving. The head light housings have 23,000 miles on them. The LEDs are all still running strong, and the HID bulbs, ballasts, and HIR bulbs are fairly low use and I expect them to last a lot longer.

But even if they don't, I have included extra parts for free because I don't need them. Included is a spare CBI HID bulb (already broken in to match the others), and a spare OEM Denso ballast in case you ever have to replace one. Also included is a FULL set of 4 Triton V3 switchback LEDs in 5,000k color, incase you prefer the warmer color over the cooler one. Just swap the bulbs and you're good to go! Also included is a spare (fifth) switchback controller in case one ever goes bad. I've also put in three spare connectors for the Triton systems to the stock turn signal sockets, incase those corrode over time. Also included is other various spare Triton switchback bulbs and all the other parts included with the many kits I've bought over the years. All of this is included for free to help ensure these retrofits provide reliable enjoyment for years to come.

Oh yeah, one other thing. You will have to transfer over the levelling motors, as well as one of the plastic mount tabs to hold it to the low beam reflector. I didn't have spares of these, so I had to put them in the stock head lights when I transferred them over. But instead, I've included some static posts to help hold the reflectors in place temporarily. I've also included other various spare sockets that I don't need for free. The projectors DO move up and down with the autoleveling system. It's a pretty cool effect lol.


Here is the price breakdown for the parts new if you were to build these yourself (all prices are for pairs):

New aftermarket ebay headlights: $140
G5-R bixenon HID projectors: $130
Panamera White LED shrouds (discontinued): $60
"BIXENON" decals (discontinued): $5
Osram CBI 66240 HID bulbs: $110
Denso HID ballasts: $190
9011 HIR bulbs (discontinued): $67
High beam splitter harness: $5
V3 Triton Switchback LEDs (discontinued): $250 for 2 pairs
Labor for disassembly, modification, masking & painting, wiring, reassembly: priceless lol

So the total price to build these new today is $957 plus any shipping. And this does not include my labor or any of the extra free parts.

Your price: $800 + shipping + PayPal fee

Payment MUST be made electronically via PayPal, and once payment is received, I will ship at the buyer's expense. Local pickup available from Ellicott City, Maryland, 21043.

Thanks for looking; pictures in the following posts.
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