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Well, after ordering some JLine rims and purchasing a completely new suspension, I decided I might as well get some new tires (after all, that is the last piece of the puzzle for me to improve the ride quality).

After reading the excellent reviews on the new toyo proxes 4's, and taking into account the tread rating of 300, I decided that these would be my new tires.

I searched around trying to find the best deal, and came across They are offering free shipping until the end of the month! They have pretty good prices too, but free shipping on tires is huge... usually around $80 (that's what the average was for me at least).

Anyways, I'm getting rid of the 225/35/zr19's that are currently on the car, and moving up to 235/35/zr19. The ride quality will be much better, and my new suspension will help too; which consists of tokiko illumina shocks and an eibach pro kit. I'm sick of wasting money having to fix my cwest front, and having a pretty sh*tty ride.

So... if you're thinking about picking up some new tires go to right now and take advantage of the free shipping! ;)
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