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Do you guys follow the Maintenance Schedule? It says that we have to alternate between "Lubrication (L)" and "Service (S)" every 8000 Km (for Canada). Instead of following this (L,S,L,S,L,S,L,S,L,S,L....) i was thinking of doing this (L,L,S,L,L,S,L,L,S....). The reason is because "Service" cost twice as much as "Lubrication" and they are the same except "Service" does a few extras like:
- Inspect exhaust pipes and mountings
- Inspect body and paint
- Inspect brake lines and hoses
- Inspect brake pads and discs
- Inspect steering linkage
- Inspect all joints and dust covers
- Inspect chassis nuts and bolts on body
- Inspect drive shaft bolts and tighten bolts

I dont think these extra things are worth paying double and chances are they will find nothing in the inspections listed above. I asked the dealership if I swap all of the "Service" with "Lubrication" will it void my warranty, and basically they said yes. So now I am thinking of swapping some of the S's for L's (LLS,LLS,LLS...) What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance
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