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Folks in D.C. Metro area and surrounding communities. . .How

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Thinking about moving to D.C. for possible career change, for something on the hill. How is traffic and is it worth bringing my car? Lived pretty much my entire life in So. Cal. I am use to the traffic here, however what is traffic like on the east and how about the parking situation?

Is it advisable to get a smaller car for parking issues, or something like an SUV to traverse your winters? Would an IS300 with snow tires survive the weather as well as the urban "elements" in D.C.? Thanks

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Hey N1,

You are in luck!! So Cal is the one place in the US with worse traffic than DC!

More seriously, traffic here is defintely bad (I grew up here, lived in the Bay Area for 8 years, came back to traffic worse than I had ever seen in all my years growing up here). If you are going to be on the Hill, and living around there, then you should be aware that DC streets stink. So be warned if you have aftermarket rims and suspension (my old car was not too comfortable driving around in DC).

Parking is like any city... expensive and limited compared to CA.

Some of the people on the list had snow tires for the winter with the IS and the car did fine and handles well. It doesn't snow enough here to need an SUV or anything, so an IS with snow tires would do just fine, me thinks.

So in summary:
Traffic - bad, but probably about the same as you are used to around LA.
Streets - horrible in the city, great most everywhere else
Snow - nothing to get scared with... IS300 w/snow tires will do fine (though I haven't tried it since I have a SUV that I drive if I need to)

Hope that helps.

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I agree with is300FOOL, traffic is bad here But i think parking out in DC is worst however you can go metro.
traffic sucks and most of the people are ignorant jackasses.
Ya, I can vouch for the terrible road conditions. Just a few months back I cracked one of my 17" rims on a bad-a$$ed pothole. To make it worst, the pothole is still there! Traffic really depends on where you live and where you're going. There are some bad spots though, but you'll quickly learn shortcuts to get around them.
Thanks for all the great info. Nothing permanent yet. Just thinking that I need a change from so. cal. Right now on my list is D.C. or Portland, OR. If I end up going to Portland, I may end up working for Subaru. As for D.C. have no idea yet. Sister and Bro-in-law all heavily into the beltway lobbying scene, so they want another convert. Or perhaps I will become an Intern, hopefully no congresswoman will wack me, I graduated from USC too.
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Traffic: It can get insane especially if you'er actually in DC but I take the Metro system now to avoid that.

Snow: Snow usually falls for 2 months within the year and only about an inch or two and once in awhile five inches but thats just one day out of a year and I believe its rare. I wouldn't worry too much but I do recommend snow tires.

Streets: In DC the streets suck. Its like being in New York but a bit roomier but just as crappy, polluted and confusing! Maryland streets are kind of crappy too but a few areas seem to have recently been repaved. Northern Virginia seems to have the best streets so far of the whole metropolitan area but there are a few exceptions of course.
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