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I'm seeing a lot of misinformation flying around so I thought I'd let ya'll know what's really up with warranties.

Per legislature and passed bills, there are protection laws for us consumers who want to add aftermarket parts to their cars. Basically, it works out like this:

1) your warranty on the part you replace is void from the car manufacturer;

2) if a problem occurs with your car and you need to take it in for warranty service, the dealership MUST prove that your aftermarket part(s) were the direct cause of the problem for which you are requesting service. In other words, if you take your car in because the sunroof stopped working and they blame it on your exhaust, well, you know they're f*cking with you. Remember that they can also try to feed you bull**** about how your intake fried the ECU, etc. so be prepared to counter-prove their claims;

3) should you have trouble obtaining warranty service, you should always talk to the manager, then the dealership owner, then your regional representative, then the national office, etc. Keep going up the chain until you get what you want;

Here are some informative links for you guys, read them over and familiarize yourself with your legal rights. I hear far too often of someone going into a dealership only to get pushed over and stepped on by moronic service people who refuse to work on a car because it has an intake! It's free damn it, so do it! =)

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