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im looking at some racing hart c2s 19x7.5 +44 with 225 tires.
my problem is right now i have 20mm spacers on my rears. im wondering will these fit?

my calculations may be wrong, but from stock offset of +50,
the extra .5" adds about 3.5 mm
the offset will add 6 mm

so that added up means that they will stick out an extra 9.5 mm
from what i have now. so i just need to see if an extra 9.5 mm fits
in my fender when im tucked.
is this correct?

im dropped on handr, i am already shaved and will probably need to shave more. id rather not have to remove the spacers,
but will if i have to.

also theyre from a TL, but they should work right?

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