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First on list for IS 300 2002 Trading 2001 IS 300

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placed an order with my lexus dealership.
they are taking orders and i was told that they well start to order in may.
Getting red of course and fully loaded with
nav system and lsd.
Dealer longo lexus elomonte
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Originally posted by Altezzer:
the red on the IS300 is, from what I heard from my brother, too bright for a lexus. I want to buy just a spectra blue stick w/o the navigation system.

There is no red that is too bright. The brighter the better! The hotter the better!
The best red I've seen is on the BMW 3-series and it's called "Bright Red". That's exactly what it is, BRIGHT RED! It's the hottest red I've seen on the roads. It'll sting your eyes if you stare at it in direct sun shine.

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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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