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Pro Lex took a different approach when designing their Direct Flow Intake system. Direct Flow systems are a unique departure from traditional air intake systems. The factory air box and cold air induction inlet is left intact, keeping the air flow cooler while protecting the filter from debris and moisture.<P>

The factory filter is replaced with a foam high flow re-usable filter. Yes, foam, unlike the traditional gauze cotten filters found on most other aftermarket intakes. PLP's open cell industrial grade filter foam represents the latest advance in air filtration technology. This fully reticulated (open pore) foam is a honeycomb of tiny, interlocking cells of uniform size, which creates an impossible journey for dirt particles since there are no straight-through passageways. Each passageway (16 to 25mm long) is like hundreds of very small centrifugal/oil bath filters connected one to another. In this way, foam traps and holds the particles throughout the entire volume of foam. To put it simply, a lot less particles get through. Way cool.<P>

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The factory air tube has a restrictive muffler or resonator chamber with an accordion style design. This is replaced with a high flow powder coated mandrel bent tube to maximize air-flow velocity. The combination of powder coated tubes and silicon couplers not only improves performance, but also lends to a more robust intake sound and retains factory under hood looks.<P>

Dyno runs were conducted on a stock 2002 IS300 (automatic transmission), using 91 octane gasoline. The test vehicle was equipped with the Pro Lex Direct Flow intake system and foam element. Dyno results were obtained using a Dynojet model 248c Dynamometer (all measurements displayed as rear wheel not flywheel).<P>

Increased rwhp: +8.7rwhp<BR>
Increased rwtq: +7.5 rwtq<P>

We are impressed. With another fine addition to their product line, things are looking great for Pro Lex Performance and Mike Clark. If you would like more information on this and other PLP products, visit
<A HREF=""></A>.<P>
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