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Well, I had my first kill and loss in the same night tonight.

I was rolling along side a fairly new Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Spyder around 10:30 tonight. The guy in the car had his music blaring while my wife and I were listening to Bjork.

We stop at a light. There's a pickup truck in the lane between us now, so I can't see the Eclipse car. The light turns green and he takes off. My foot is already off the brake, but on the clutch, in aniticipation of the light turning green. I take off too.

The Eclipse is a car length ahead of me. I keep on accelerating. I hit 2nd gear and my tires chirp. That's the first time I did that in this car. Cool!Anyway, I keep closing-in on him until eventually I pass him. I get a car length on him and I shut it down. I don't even know how fast we were going. This was my first race in the IS and I didn't even think about looking at the speedometer. My wife says, "So did you win?" I told her, "Yeah. I caught him and passed him. That qualifies as a win to me."

Unbeknownst to me, there was a Civic riding behind us during this race. He pulls up next to me at the next traffuc light. His dash lighting is all neon blue. I look over at him and compliment him on his setup. I can see he's got a big-ass gauge and an SAFC. I figure he must have something under the hood. So I ask him, "What you got in there?" He says, "Nothing", as he chews on a straw. "Uh-huh", I think to myself.

The light turns green and we both cruise along for a bit - not really racing yet. I hear a "pssshhh" sound and he steps on the gas. Then I hear his headers breathing. Holy cow it was loud. He took off and spun the tires when he went to 2nd gear. I assume he had NOS, but I've never heard it before so I could be wrong. I started to follow him, but he left me behind to enjoy the recent memory of my first kill and first loss.
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