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First fill-up... 19MPG

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My first tank of fuel finally ran low when I hit 300miles. I had to add 15.73 gallons to get back to full which works out to 19MPG.

Pretty lame considering I am going super easy on the car (staying under 4K RPMs) and doing alot of 60-70MPH freeway driving...

Hopefully the mileage will improve as the car gets some more miles on it.
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Like I said once before, this car does not get the best mileage when you baby it. I tried so many technique, and so far I find that you have to mix both easy and semi-aggressive driving to get the best mileage. The best I have gotten is near 21mpg, and the worse is when I first got the car which resulted around 18mpg. Also, I do think that IS burns alot more gas when in idle, and that may explain why your mileage just drop like a rock after being through a 10 minute traffic jam.
MPG will not improve. Mine has gotten worse, most likely because now I am over with the break in I am having a lot more fun with the car.

Like I have said before. MPG is not a big deal for me. If it was, I would have never purchased this veh.
Mine actually got better. Doing mostly freeway travelling, averaged 24-25. However, I got a new job and never drive on freeways (so nice to work a couple of miles away from home!!) and now I'm getting about 21 driving backstreets to work.
Spent $30 on about 12.5 gallons...don't even want to know or care what kind of mileage I got...
teg, u shouldn't be babying the car 100% during break-in...that's not the proper way.
19 is pretty good for a break-in mileage. My commute is basically local. I'm on the freeway for about 2 miles and then 6 miles of local roads. My first fill up was 16.5 mpg. Now, I'm doing about 18-19. I'm sure I can get this up to 22-23 if I were to do mostly freeway driving.


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I got 25mpg when I first drove from LA to SJ when I picked up the car. Since then, I've been averaging aound 18 mpg but from mostly stop and go driving.

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