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Toyota To Replace Melting, Cracked, Sticky Shiny Dashboards |
The first phase will be to contact Toyota owners who have already paid the approximate $1,500 to replace the dashboard. Those owners will be considered for reimbursement for the repairs paid out-of-pocket.

The second phase will occur when Toyota dealers have enough parts available, not expected to occur until May 2015. Toyota will send a second letter informing owners the dashboards will be replaced if heat or humidity has caused the dashboards to crack, melt or become sticky.

Toyota says the melting dashboard extended warranty will have two types of coverage.

Primary coverage will provide warranty extensions for all affected Toyota owners until May 31, 2017. Under primary coverage, it doesn't matter how many miles are on the vehicle or when the vehicle was first used.

Toyota says secondary coverage will work as a supplement to the primary coverage for some owners by providing an extended warranty for 10 years from the date the vehicle was first used. As with the primary coverage, the mileage of the vehicle isn't taken into consideration.

Toyota is offering the extended warranty on the dashboards only if they were damaged by heat and humidity, and you can bet dealers will verify the dashboards weren't damaged by other methods or means.

So do you just go to a dealer and have them look at it? Everything I go to the Toyota dealership to get stuff for the is they give me crazy looks. Not having a lexus dealership local kind of sucks.... any update on this though? I would love a new free dash.
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