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Hello all, I’ve used this forum countless times for the two years that I’ve owned Is300s but I’m finally here making an account . Thanks for all the help, I’ve learned many things and hope to return that help :)
I have a Midnight Purple 02 factory manual with a W58 swap that drags frame and an 03 auto swap to a W58 that I drift. They were stock and I did everything except you see myself except spray down the midnight purple (With tons of help from this forum obviously) Currently dailying an ‘00 LS400 that I hope to swap for a sportcross one way or another.
Here are a few pics of my cars :)
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Vehicle

Automotive parking light Car Wheel Vehicle Window

Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Plant Grille

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

Clothing Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire


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