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Well....Back in japan i had a drift team (Fear Effect) and it pretty much catered to rear wheel drive nissans. All of us in that team were all military and pretty close...

Myself (Hellboy) in my S-14 Silvia then 180sx
Sammy Boy (Crash13) in his Q S-13 then K S-13
Brae (Blu) in his R-33 GTST
Paolo (Minime) in his Laurel
All RWD nissans

And we had unnoficial members Japanese locals who
thought us the basics and the fine art of drifting
"Bunta-san" our mentor who retired long ago
Kishimoto in the Altezza
Ma-san in his Soarer
Ani-san in his MarkII
Koba in his Stagea

Now i wanna start up a team of of that one "Fear Effect Racing"
which will be pretty much all RWD/AWD platforms form the Japanese Domestic Market.....and we'll be concentrating on cars modded for Drift (self explanatory), Wangan (Highway), and Touge (Mt. roads).

If you're interested in this lil car club of mine please feel free to tell me about urself and your ride....tryin to get pees mostly in Washington and BC area

Currently Fear Effect Racing is a team of three
with my IS300 and 2 Fairlady....

If you have any comments,tips,concerns,interests feel free to reply.....


175 Posts
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No you dont actually have to drift or race your car...i know the IS isnt cheap n riskin totalin your ride isnt the idea....
its jus for hangin out...helpin each other with car tuning and BS'in....
jus thought i'd put out that info
good way to meet ppl...not that i'm sayin My.IS isnt a good place for that...
I LOVE MY.IS...met some fine ppl on this site....HOLLA
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