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To you guys running the same setup as me (Farenheit Screen w/ Factory Motorized Navi tray)

The stock motorized tray has a brass rod that is used to hold the monitor in place. This rod rubbed through the back of the motherboard on my farenheit monitor and shorted out on one of the circuits and actually caused a small fire inside of my dash.

My monitor went out just before I smelled the smoke (plastic burning) I was able to identify the problem soon enough that there was no damage to my car but someone else may not be as lucky, thats why I am posting this. I would hate to see any of your cars get damaged by this cool mod.

If you do have this setup in your car you may want to take the time to disassemble the unit and look for wear on the back of the motherboard of the monitor.

I will post some pics later when I get home.
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