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False torque spec given for motor mount bracket??

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Hey all, back again. Almost done with the motor. Broke my first bolt today on it.

I found a factory is300 manual and am confused on the torque spec needed for the motor mount bracket that attaches to the block.

book read it was 44ft-lbs and I just snapped the bolt.

anyone know if this spec if correct and I had a weak bolt? If not what’s the correct spec?

also anyone know what bolt it is as well? Can’t find much discussing the bolts themselves only the monts And using the different trd ones for the supra but I’m not interested in that.

I need the torque spec and the bolt size/thread pattern please :)

I have more bolts and can hit up Home Depot as they have the best bolt selection around besides where I work but it’s closed for the weekend now and I’d rather buy them.

the bolts on my 5.9 Cummins 12v were grade 8, I can’t tell the grade on these. Has anyone upgraded them to grade8 so it’s safer to run more power? My Cummins broke the grade 8s and I went to 10.9’s

thanks in advance.

photo below for reference.

Rectangle Font Parallel Pattern Number

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View attachment 145019 The bolts for this bracket it looks like? Book does calls for 44ft lbs. that’s what I torqued them to as well. I also reused the oem bolts. I can’t tell if you did as well.

Assuming you did, maybe someone over torqued them at some point? Or your wrench could be off. I used a digital gauge alongside my click type wrench just to make sure. (And also because my smaller torque wrench is 20ft-lbs low because the handle got misaligned somehow.)

There are no grade 8 bolts anywhere on the car. That would mean imperial threads. Either grade 10.9 or 12.9 will work. m10x1.25 would be my guess from brief searching. you have the bolt. Just measure it. It’s either 10mm or 12mm.

The thread pitch is almost certainly fine (1.25 either way I think) so you might not find it in Home Depot. Ace hardware has AMAZING metric hardware section if you have one of those. Fastenal, despite its name, does not. McMaster Carrt has amazing hardware section as well but they’re “online” only. (Though I live close enough to do warehouse pickup)
good find!!
Yes I did reuse the the oem bolts. I kept tightening using my big 1/2” torque wrench (I just torqued the main crank bolt so maybe setting it to 240ftlbs threw it off?) and it didn’t feel right. Just kept going and going and going and I was getting nervous. Didn’t feel like it was snuggling up at all.

my digital only goes up 22ftlbs, maybe it’s time to invest in a 3rd party digital torque assist that sits on the end of the click type one so I have two things telling me the torque rating?

my 1/2” is new this year and has been taken care of immaculately and only used up to 135ftlbs for my dodge wheels. So I’m hoping it isn’t off as I used it on the whole motor :/

I’ll check all of those stores, thanks for the reply! Would you say it’s worth it to upgrade the bolts while I’m at it to 10.9? I mean if Toyota didn’t then they are the pros so it makes sense to just leave it as a stock bolt.

I only use the torque spec for main caps, rod bolts, head bolts and flywheel bolts. Gotta have your arm recalibrated brother
I think your right!
I’m notoriously bad at breaking bolts, especially JIC fittings and over tightening them when I first started my job.

I thought my arm was in spec but I have been working out a lot more so maybe it’s been throwing it all outta whack?! :)

I’ll send my arm off to snap on to get an analysis lol.
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