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While the '07 season is over in my view, the drama and soap opera never ends. Renault has been called to appear at the FIA HQ next month to answer to charges of spying. Apparently they are or were in possession of classified McLaren(read Ferrari :) ) material.

News - Planet-F1 News - from

Renault have been summoned to appear before a hearing of the World Motor Sport Council next month to answer charges of spying.

During the first round of Stepneygate hearings earlier this year, during which it was McLaren's authorised possession of Ferrari secrets that was being probed, Renault's name came up in McLaren's own investigation.

The Woking team's investigators alleged that a former McLaren team member had passed on several CDs filled with their information to Renault.

Although this matter was not looked into at the first round of hearings, McLaren's lawyers passed the information on to the FIA, who launched their own investigation into the matter.

And that has now led to motorsport's governing body calling Renault up on charges of spying.

According to a FIA statement, Renault stand accused of being in possession of technical details relating to McLaren's 2006 and 2007 F1 cars.

The FIA alleges that between the period of September 2006 and October 2007, Renault had unauthorised possession of documents and confidential information belonging to McLaren.

The infomation included the 'layout and critical dimensions of the McLaren F1 car, together with details of the McLaren fuelling system, gear assembly, oil cooling system, hydraulic control system and a novel suspension component used by the 2006 and 2007 McLaren F1 cars.'

Renault will have to face the WMSC at a hearing in Monaco on Thursday, December 6.

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Seriously... after all the crap McLaren has been dragged thru this year... Renault better have the book thrown at them as well.

Let's see... McLaren was involved with one team... and they were fined $100 milllion... so Renault with two teams should be fined $200 million!!! :rolleyes:

I have a feeling nothing major is going to happen to Renault. Max Mosley just has a hate-on for Ron Dennis.

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Here is the full statement from Renault. Its a shame for the sport, and potentially very damaging.

I can easily see F-1 turning into another spec series, and policed heavily.

The full statement from Renault

Friday, November 9th 2007, 15:33 GMT

Following the notification of the FIA for the ING Renault F1 Team representatives to appear in front of the World Council, the team wishes to clarify the situation.

On the 6th September 2007 it came to our attention that an engineer (Mr Phil Mackereth) who joined the team from McLaren in Sept 2006 had brought with him some information that was considered to be proprietary to McLaren. This information was contained on old style floppy discs and included copies of some McLaren engineering drawings and some technical spreadsheets.

This information was loaded at the request of Mr Mackereth onto his personal directory on the Renault F1 Team file system. This was done without the knowledge of anyone in authority in the team. As soon as the situation was brought to the attention of the team's technical management, the following actions were taken:

The information was completely cleansed from the team's computer systems and a formal investigation was started. We promptly informed McLaren of the situation and immediately after the FIA.

Since then we have constantly and regularly kept McLaren and the FIA informed on all relevant findings.

Mr Mackereth was immediately suspended from his position. The original floppy discs were impounded and sent to our solicitors for return to McLaren.

Our formal investigation showed that early in his employment with Renault Mr Mackereth made some of our engineers aware of parts of this information in the form of a few reduced scale engineering drawings. These drawings covered four basic systems as used by McLaren and were: the internal layout of the fuel tank, the basic layout of the gear clusters, a tuned mass damper and a suspension damper.

Subsequent witness statements from the engineers involved have categorically stated that having been briefly shown these drawings, none of this information was used to influence design decisions relating to the Renault car. In the particular case of the tuned mass damper, these had already been deemed illegal by the FIA and therefore the drawing was of no value.

The suspension damper drawing hinted that the McLaren design might be similarly considered illegal and a subsequent clarification from the FIA confirmed this based upon our crude interpretation of the concept.

ING Renault F1 Team have co-operated fully with McLaren and the FIA in this matter to the extent that the team has invited McLaren's independent experts to come and assess the team's computer systems and inspect the cars and the design records, to demonstrate that this unfortunate incident has not in anyway influenced the design of the cars.

ING Renault F1 Team have acted with complete transparency towards McLaren and the FIA, being proactive in solving this matter and we are fully confident in the judgment of the World Council.
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