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I've had it installed on the car for about 4 Months and have driven it maybe a little less than 3 months. It was tuned by TrackMasters in Huntsville, Al and made 418RWHP at 16PSI on pump gas on my SRT 2.75+ kit w. GTE internals and so on, on an e-shift

It's the E6x that came from SRT with the harness and all sensors. BRAND NEW 3ch ignitor from Haltech installed last week and ran maybe 2-3days on it.

I'm sending it to Haltech on monday to get checked out and repaired if anything was wrong with it. So it'll pretty much be brand new.

Haltech E6X with 3bar MAP IS300 Specific
Includes 3ch. ignitor, signal conditioner, cleaned up wiring harness, basemaps and wiring diagrams. US$1,495.00
I'd probably take $1,000 + shipping OBO

I'm ditching it to get the Higher up AEM with more features...
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