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looking for whoever gives me the best bull$hit price offers either......i paid just over 3 grand for these rims and i stress to you they were on my car for about a month and a half

i bought them beginning of last summer and only had em on for a month and half due to heavy construction by me

right now there off my car and have basically just been sittin in my garage collectong dust.....i am debating on selling my is300 this summer for a new car and if i do keep the is300 i rather go with 18s for the ny area anyway so i am looking to get rid of these rims

but anyway back to the rims.....I aint looking to rip ya off though so i will tell you this now

i did bend 3 of the rims due to hitting various bumps in the road however i fixed them right away and it cost me about 200 bucks to repair them........and the passenger side rear rim has a tiny scratch that can be fixed also on the outer lip......i'd say the scratch is about the size of a pencap

i have Falkan tires too on the rims.....again these rims were only used for probably a month and half at the most....ask vinnyis300 or theorem they both saw the rims when we were painting our calipers together and know also that i did not keep em on long

pm me and i'll give ya my screen name or phone number so we can discuss this.....i prefer a local buyer but i will ship also maybe we will have to see though

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You bent 3 rims in 1.5 months?
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