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i have an area 51 rear valence on with stock exhaust....however because the tip does not extend far enough outward now with the new valence, it is burning my lip little by little after each the paint is starting to melt a little by where the tip meets the lip area......i don't really want to get a new exhaust------> so is there a way to lengthen the tip???

or do any of you guys know of a product i can put on the inside/under of my valence where it meets the exhaust tip to prevent further burning??? (heat resistant products that could be stuck on).....

thanks and any help would be appreciated..... :D

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You can replace it with the L-tuned exhaust with the longer tip. Or you can lower the exhaust temporarily to elevate the problem or have some one custom extend your tip. Your choice.

By the way make sure you put your post in the appropriate forum, as this is not the appropriate one for this. (I.E. Body kit getting burnt by stock exhaust = Inside and Out forum, New exhaust burning stock valance = Go fast forum)
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