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First MR was a white MR from Seattle area. Fully modded except turbo. Intake, Downpipe, exhaust, WORX ECU retune, 97-100 octane (only can run 96 or something octane and higher or else it knocks and retard ignition hardcore) with some new cams. forgot the name, and its not HKS. Those cams lift the valve duration long.
He walked me pretty good from 60-120, 80-120. Suprised. those cams are definitely worth buying. will find out what kind later. After 100 he stopped walking me and we pretty much paced each other.

Second MR was a gray MR with increased boost via Apex AVC-R, downpipe, exhaust and HKS 264/272 (intake/exhaust) cams.
never ran me. said he was too slow or knocking was apparent.

GT Mustang, like a 02, with ram air intake, header, exhaust and some other stuff, from 60 we stayed neck and neck until i car shifted and TRAC went off and he jumped ahead, but at 110 he didnt go no where and started to reel in. Though we stopped at 120. Realizing TRAC was going off, at 30mph with TRAC off, took an immediate car length and kept going till 6-7 IS car lengths. stopped at 80-90.

automatic's a biznatch sometimes.
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