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dear memeber

well i have been using thisbform since more than 10 years now but i never wrote anything... since i am finally decided to own an 1st get is300 again for ever as my weekend/project car

i started making things to itbthat no one did before which ill be writing up in the very close future... any how my ride is US spec 2004 grey MT is300
very clean ride done only 70K miles itbwas stored and i am very lucky to get it....

now i got my hands on is300 Canadian specs rear fog light switch
with a bit of the harness
and i wanted to make the rear right reverse become the fog light which ill change the bulb to a super bright red LED
simillarbto thr picture below

so i was going aroundbto findbout what is what and this is thr only pinout pic that i got and i didnt understand it

could you guys help me out on to make it work

keep in mind i ran a new bulb 7440 socket all the way from the rear to the front under the dash and k gotnonly positive and negative wires for the bulb and i am wondering how to make it run like stock canadian car switch.. what i mean is to make the switch light up if i turn on my parking light
and glow more if turn the retrofitted rear fog light along with the switch... keep in mind thr switch is actually does this if it was in a canadian car
the only diffrence is that the actual lights working in a canadian spec is the trunk brake light as a rear fog light

thank you
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