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so I rolled out with my friend who started a drift crew last night, and it was absolutely insane...RHD cars, 240s liek youve never seen, and a bunch of people who've got balls, or are just plain stupid...

guess what.

:( im the only auto trans car there :pissed:

well my friend's friend who is about to go pro was trying to teach my how to get my rear end out while exiting the turn, but my ebrake doesnt work so it was kinda hard..

then he started talking about prober braking technique, and when to brake...

he told me...:

1.) when you enter the turn, right when u brake, the car lurches forward, that is when you need to turn to shift the weight properly
2.) you need to tap the brake and throttle while taking the turn, to keep the car from gaining traction again

i was having trouble with weight shift, cuz there is so much damn roll w/ stock suspension, so ..

i need to know how to, and when is the best time to shift like to hear form an IS3 auto-Xer or drifter, b/c he drives an S13, and the advice he was giving me wasnt helping.

teeacchh mee..

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