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First and foremost yes, whatever you want to do to your IS can be done, it is merely a matter of budget...

Before we go any further please learn to use this wonderful feature of the site:

Some basic tricks for using that button:
1. Use the "Advanced Search" option to the most bang for your click.
2. Search for threads started by some of these people: turbo97se, Phil, Malekreza11, Jason S., IS300GTE, Kean, Swift Racing Technologies, Turboeast (formerly TBKO), lambchop11078, goldIS, goldaltezza, SophieSleeps, IS_Dude, ki11bert, OKCIS, Wxman, redline814, MDForcefed, dasgalloway, RAVEN, kuuligan, kanine21, is300er, AltezzaBob, xboostx - I'm somewhat new to the site so this is in no way a definitive list, but it's a place to start. After digging through some of these guy's threads and posts you will start to see who contributes real information on a regular basis.
3. Don't use single word search phrases, they are too general and you will get too many results back to be of any use. Try things like "Turbo wastegate 38mm" or "tial wastegate 44mm" or "turbo intercooler large" ...etc
4. If you get the "Search is down...blah blah blah" don't give up, you have to have a little patience. I usually do this from the error screen:
4a: hold alt 4b: press left arrow (acts as back some browsers you can just hit "backspace" and it does the same thing as 4a+4b) 4c: click on the search button again. Repeat 4a-4c for a minute, usually it will snag a free spot in the query line and you will get a hit back. But...
If for some reason that beautiful button doesn't get you anywhere then please dig in:

Prior to talking specifics, if you don't know some basics, please read all the FAQ's located HERE and HERE. I will stress to you that this is the single most important part of the site if you are interested in learning about boost or going faster! When finished with that move on to these threads:

THIS is a very important thread on all things FI. I have included some of the links that are inside it below, in the BOOST section. Please read it though, as I did not copy every link contained within and some, if not all, are MUST reads!


a good post on EMS's

E-Manage Ultimate FAQ (das)

AEM F/I Controller writeup - an alternative to e-manage blue

a solution to fix ECU learning when running piggyback? - read, test, decide for yourself, then post your experiences!

Haltech F10x fuel ecu discussion - in case you were considering it.

What piggy back should I use? (some good discussion)

TEC3 Standalone (good discussion)

Haltech vs. AEM (Sophie)

General EMS Bicker...err...Discussion - Some information thrown in here and there for good measure.


Haltech E6x + AEM C2DI - DIY (Sophie)

Engine Management discussion

ECU pinout thread (02-04)

I know there are some I am probably missing due to my being relatively new to this community, but let me know via PM (to keep this thread as clean as possible) if there is something that must be included here and I will add it. Thank you.
CLICK HERE TO PRIVATE MESSAGE ME ANY NEW LINKS or email me here: benjamminzATgmailDOTcom

That is all for now, if you recall a specific thread that needs to go under any of these topics please PM me the link and I will add it.

P.S. I would like to add that finding info with the search is becoming harder and harder, because the forums are getting so cluttered with threads asking questions and then 50 reply's of people flaming them to "USE THE SEARCH n00b!!" This has become very counter productive. I would like to encourage people to just refrain from posting if all they are going to do is get on someones case about the terminology they used or asked a question that has been asked before. God forbid that ever happens again! If you want this to be an elitist camp then so be it, keep up all the sarcastic non-productive and uninformative posts. But if you actually want this to be a place where we can all further our knowledge about our passion (the IS) then post information and be helpful, save the sarcasm and snide remarks for the PL or PM's. Thank you for understanding because this:
amy011079 said:
Yeah, and he'll get flamed up one side and down the other on MyIS. Jonathan let me do some research for ya and I'll get back with you.
Is how they talk about us on other sites.
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