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A fair review...exactly what I expected to hear about the ES300.

I'm still impressed by the use of regular unleaded to get 210 hp out of the 1MZ-FE (comparatively, you folks with IS300's need premium to get 215 hp from the 2JZ-GE). I'm glad Toyota/Lexus decided to add some more nifty luxury gadgets, but I'm especially excited that they got rid of the nasty ol' MacPherson strut suspension in the rear at least.

I'm still not sold on the exterior design, however. The rims look like the ones the 4-cyl Accord EX has; too bad the new ES doesn't keep the current 16" rim.

I hope Toyota is developing a second gen E-shift, since they seem to be leaving them out of their newest models for the sake of improved fuel economy and emissions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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