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ECU upgrade in NY

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Well, after nagging Rallye Lexus for about a month now, it seems that I'm finally going in for an update this Friday.
They found out about TSIB about 1-2 weeks ago but they didn't have the TRAC ECU. I had them order one for me and they finally got it recently (although they didn't call me to let me know)
Hopefully, I'll look like this on Saturday:

Does anyone know by any chance where the ECUs are located and how long it's supposed to take (they are asking me to leave the car for the day)?

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Those Bit'ches at Rallye told me that they will contact each owner as the upgrade becomes available. (This past Friday??)

I wish they would give me an honest answer. I guess I will find a dealer who is willing to do the work.
Tom... I am gonna hook up with Dan and hit the dealership you guys went to. I am tired of Rallye's Don't call us we'll call you atttitude.
I dunno what's going on with Rallye. Sheila herself told me that they will contact the owners as they are instructed to. Lou isn't a bad fellow, pretty good guy to talk to. I dunno. I usually deal with the other blonde girl Pamela, she's pretty nice to me. but hey... I will inquire about the ECU Update on Monday.
Accord-R .... Whose the contact person at Lex of Greenwich? I wanna order my traction and make na appointment to flash my ECU and replace TracECU.
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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