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ECU upgrade in NY

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Well, after nagging Rallye Lexus for about a month now, it seems that I'm finally going in for an update this Friday.
They found out about TSIB about 1-2 weeks ago but they didn't have the TRAC ECU. I had them order one for me and they finally got it recently (although they didn't call me to let me know)
Hopefully, I'll look like this on Saturday:

Does anyone know by any chance where the ECUs are located and how long it's supposed to take (they are asking me to leave the car for the day)?

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I talked to the guy at the desk in the service the department @ Lexus Massapequa, He knew about it and told me they would contact me but nothing so far. Im gonna go talk to him and see what else is going on. Last he told me it just wasn't out yet.
I dont know what you guys are talking about. I went to Massapequa Lex today and I they are giving the reprogram and have been, but its only by order. So I ordered and will be getting my trac and ecu upgrade/flash maybe next week when more Tracs come in.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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