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I was talking to the head mechanic today, been around since Lexus began, and he told me the new info about the ECU/TRAC.
And he told me the TRAC update just changes the reaction time on the light. I talked to him extensively and he told me stock they have a 4 sec delay before it kicks in.
He said if you drive around with the trac off (like everybody does) it will make virtually no difference.
He also flashed my ECU. Doing this consisted of hooking up a handheld computer to the jack under my dash. It took about 20 min.
The flash made quite a difference. I would rather have my car now than a manual.
I also fixed the headlight bouncing problem I was experiencing after lowering (we disconnected the plug from the back of the headlights). They no longer bounce and I am happy.
Did you know self leveling headlights are an option? I was unaware.
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