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ecu reprogram in s. florida

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has anyone in s.florida had their ecu reprogramed yet. if so what dealer and who was the person you delt with.
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Hey Adrey,
Any better daytime pics of your car with the new front spoiler on it?
Hey Andre:

You coming to the meet on April 7th at Fudruckers?
Check it out under All Together now, Topic name is So. Florida Meet.

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Adrey,i asked Roger at Kendall Lexus to find out,he called JM Lexus and said that they(kendall) didn't have the fix yet,but he would call me as soon as it was available.
I spoke to Bob at JM last week and he told me they get the reprogram at the end of April, but he put myself and a few others on a waiting list and he said the more people he gets on the list the quicker they may be able to get the fix.
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i spoke to a guy named (al) at jm lexus, and he told me that they wouldnt have it for a while. do me a favor and if they call you to have it done, email me, so that i can bring mine in too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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