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What are people using for the Ecsaine. The best quality leather cleaners all way not to use on suede.
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i think this person is asking what to use on escaine not what escaine is used for...

i havent had any problems with stains or such and ive had my IS since July 1st...the side of the doors, which are also escaine do get dirty pretty fast but ive found just plain old water and a cotton towel get it looking like new with minimal elbow grease. my ivory interior is lookin pretty damn new. but this has all been discussed so many damn times i am wondering why you didnt use search before asking.
someone posted something about escaine stating how its a microsuede and the way its composed its automatically stain resistant and you shouldn't need any chemical protectants. i bought some 3m scotchguard but i DONT use it becuase the label specifically says "do not use on suede"
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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