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Sooo summer is HOPEFULLY around the corner, and ive decided to be dedicated to my turbo build this year. Im not looking for anything crazy, but just something to get the mod bug flowing.

SOO i know i need a clutch and buddy of mine brought this to my attention, just want to know who has actually purchased one, and if not what you think about it.

here are the links

F1 RACING STAGE 4 CLUTCH SET 02-05 LEXUS IS300 2JZGE on (item 400036785026 end time 07-Mar-10 20:17:46 EST)

02-05 LEXUS IS300 eCM® STAGE 3 RACING CLUTCH KIT 470HP on (item 380200992819 end time 24-Feb-10 20:28:00 EST)

im sure there are more on there, but i just want to know what will be worth buying, so far i have to buy new shocks ( which i saw someone here is selling a full set for $400. i might be hollering at you ! ) The clutch, and a couple more parts for the boost any help from you guys would be GREAT! dont wanna waste a dollar this time around.

Thanks in advance
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