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e/shift and 1st gear

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Damn, why'd Lexus lock out 1st gear!!!!

2 questions to the IS tuners out there -

1. Are any of you working on a way to bypass this? In short, allow us to e/shift into first gear? ECU program, anything?

2. Are any of you working on another possible switch format and/or location? Maybe like a F1 style?

Better button location or maybe a possible
flapper type switch on the column? Something easier to reach coming into our out of a corner and the wheel turned???

Thanks, minor grip I'm sure, then again, maybe it is just me...I guess they just don't
want peps blowing or over revving the engine.

Why oh why didn't I wait for a manual...
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I can understand wanting to beable to e-shift to 1st gear, but WHY? 1st gear is absolutely useless on the IS for normal driving. If you manually shift, you can put it in 1st.
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