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We are holding a Drift/Grip Driving Clinic on January 25th, 2003 (Saturday) at Thunderhill Raceway located in Willows, Northern California. If you heard all the raves about drifting and Initial-D, this is the real deal. The Clinic will focus on car control through drifting (extreme yaw angle/massive oversteer) or through grip technique that will be very beneficial in controlling a powerful RWD car like the IS. The seesions will be divided into beginner, intermediate and Advance group. Instructors will be available and they include seasoned race drivers such as Al Butterfield from NASA and 2001 Drift Day Champion Alex Phieffer.

The cost is extremely low at $100 .You will get more track time in one day than you will get all year in Auto-x, plus this is your chance to drive on a big track like Thunderhill.

If enough IS folks show up, we can get a meet going at the track and have a big BBQ. I will be there with my spec miata or IS, contact me if you are interested or got questions. Time to let the IS out to play.

[email protected]

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