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Driver seat motor problems.

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As the title states, has anyone been able to find these motors that operate the forward and backward motion? Mine just gave up. Granted I’m being lazy as it just happened today and I haven’t taken anything apart yet. I plan on taking it apart and applying voltage directly to the motor(s) just to make sure it’s dead.

Every other function works as it should, recline works, the seat bottom tilts and goes up and down. The seat just won’t move forward or backward.

Has anyone else had this issue? If so what did you do to fix it? Also does anyone know if these motors are still available?
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Do motors normally fail in these seats? I’d imagine the electronic control part would be more likely to fail.
Most of the time, no....but with anything, there is always a chance to fail.
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I've been wanting to replace the seats in my turbo car - to save weight and to provide some better bolstering... But how do you choose? There's thousands of aftermarket seats out there, ranging from $200 to $5000 and it's not like you get to touch/feel/try them before buying.

Also - are you people adjusting your seats often? I mean, I don't share my car with anyone...but I prolly haven't touched my seat controls since the first week I bought the car.
I'm thinking about the Braum Elite X. They aren't super expensive, looks pretty good, and based on reviews, are pretty comfortable with good bolstering support. They also come with lifetime warranty and isn't heavy. I don't share my car with anyone either but sometimes I move the seat to get under the dash or clean the car.
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